Full Six Flags 2013 Announcements - EVERY PARK!

Welcome to Theme Park Overload! The time has come, Six Flags Cooperation has Announced EVERY new ride and attraction for all U.S. Six Flags Parks! This article is broken into 11 sections, one for each park! Ready......GO!

Six Flags Magic Mountain: Full Throttle
In 2013 Six Flags Magic Mountain is going Full Throttle with another world-record: the tallest, fastest looping roller coaster in the world! Unlike traditional coasters, this unique, one-of-a-kind triple launch coaster will take the coaster experience to the next generation with a never-been-done-before launch up and over a “Top Hat” that traces the outside of a world-record 160-foot loop — plus a zero to 70 miles-per-hour acceleration on two forward launches and one backward launch into and out of an underground tunnel.

Six Flags America: Bonzai Pipelines
Are you ready to free-fall through a 250 - foot plus elclosed slide? Six Flags America is thrilled to announce the all new, first of its kind in the world Bonzai Pipeline, a 65 - foot tall waterslide complex featuring not one, not two, but six outrageously fast and intense drop launch liiping body slides! 

Six Flags Discovery Kingdom: Cirque Dreams Splashtastic
Six Flags Discovery Kingdom today announced its partnership with theatrical visionary Neil Goldberg and his acclaimed Cirque Dreams entertainment brand to present an extraordinary, new cutting edge dolphin show featuring Cirque Dreams in spring 2013 — Cirque Dreams Splashtastic — the Most Amazing Show Above H20.

This new aquatic production features the park’s popular marine mammals along with the internationally renowned company of acrobats, aerialists and astounding Cirque Dreams acts that will amaze in the air, over water and throughout the Dolphin Harbor Theater.

Six Flags Fiesta Texas: Iron Rattler
Six Flags Fiesta Texas announces plans to unveil its newest addition and structural landmark as the highly anticipated hybrid coaster Iron Rattler will make its’ dashing debut next spring at Six Flags Fiesta Texas.
The Iron Rattler will be a unique technological marvel combining a classic wooden support structure with modern track and rails crafted of steel, allowing for unprecedented smooth and swift over-banked turns and inversions never before experienced on either a traditional steel or wooden coaster. Utilizing state-of-the-art Iron Horse Track™©® the innovative Iron Rattler will  provide four over-banked turns, the most of any hybrid coaster today, and will be the first to deliver an inverted barrel roll for an awe-inspiring adventure in and around the surrounding 100-ft. quarry wall setting!  The New Texas Giant at Six Flags Over Texas was the first-ever hybrid coaster of its’ kind, and it was voted the “Best New Ride” in 2011.
With its unique construction, the Iron Rattler will have:
  • A staggering drop of 171 feet with an amazing drop angle of 81 degrees.
  • A blazing top speed of 70 mph.
  • Four over-banked turns—more than any other hybrid coaster, and the first of its kind to feature a completely inverted barrel roll.

Six Flags Great Adventure: Safari Off-Road Adventure
In 2013, New Jersey’s Six Flags Great Adventure entertainment complex will undergo its most dramatic transformation in 13 years as the 160-acre theme park and 350-acre Wild Safari animal park unite as one property to become the world’s largest theme park.  The mega-park, featuring 13 roller coasters including three of the world’s top rated, three children’s areas, a wide array of family rides, games, shopping and entertainment, will introduce the new, one-of-a-kind, themed attraction —Safari Off Road Adventure.  At Six Flags Hurricane Harbor, water-thrill seekers will challenge a massive, new slide complex —Big Wave Racer.

Boasting 1,200 animals from six continents, Safari Off Road Adventure will take explorers on the most intense, up-close animal experience of their lives.  Guests will enter the amazing, fictional world of the Wilds Family, who have traveled the globe to bring the most interesting and exotic creatures to their home in Jackson, New Jersey.  Once through the rustic loading station filled with artifacts from the Wilds’ global journeys, guests will load a rugged, open-air, Safari vehicle to begin their unique adventure.

Skilled, informed drivers will drive guests off-road and up close to the animals as they splash through ponds, climb hills, cross bridges and venture over rugged terrain.

“Never before have guests been able to experience a journey so close to that of a true African safari here in the U.S., said John Fitzgerald, park president.  “By combining the world’s most exotic animals with Six Flags’ signature entertainment, the Safari Off Road Adventure will be the most incredible animal adventure anywhere.  Where else can you ride a wave, go on safari, and soar on world-record breaking coasters?”

When the Wild Safari closes its gates for the 2012 season this fall, it will undergo a massive renovation this winter that includes a redesign of various simulated natural habitats and the creation of Camp Aventura.

Camp Aventura will be the main stop along the off-road excursion.  Guests will see up-close some of the Wilds family’s favorite animals, and even hand-feed or pet them.  Here, they can choose to fly through the air high above the animals on a new zip line for an additional fee. 

Safari Off Road Adventure is included with general theme park admission and season passes in 2013, and will be accessible via the Frontier Adventures section of the theme park. Through September 30, 2012, guests will be able to drive their own vehicles through the Wild Safari for the very last time in the park’s 38-year history. 

“This is a monumental change for the Wild Safari and our guests,” said Dr. Bill Rives, safari director and chief veterinarian. “For nearly 40 years, people have dreamed of more up-close animal experiences with fewer boundaries, and now we can truly deliver a VIP experience to each and every one of our guests─and it’s included in their theme park admission.”

Safari Off Road Adventure is slated for a Memorial Day weekend debut in 2013.

Six Flags Great Adventure - Hurricane Harbor: Big Wave Racer
On the heels of the new King Cobra water slide addition, Six Flags Hurricane Harbor will unveil another massive slide complex in 2013.  Big Wave Racer will send riders barreling head-first down multiple lanes on an aero-dynamically-designed water toboggan.  After climbing four stories, they will rocket down several steep drops stretching 1,800 feet before crossing the finish line in a splash of glory.

Big Wave Racer is slated for a summer 2013 opening and will be the eighth slide complex at Hurricane Harbor, pushing the number of thrill slides to more than 25.  The 45-acre park also features a million-gallon wave pool, a half-mile lazy river and a large children’s water playground.

Six Flags Great America: igNIGHT
Get ready to igNIGHT the evenings in 2013! Six Flags Great America today announced plans to add the most technologically advanced show in the park’s 37-year history. This nighttime production features singing, dancing, pyrotechnics, video and laser elements that burst with energy, imagery and imagination.

igNIGHT, will serve as a finale to a thrill-filled day at Six Flags Great America by taking Guests on a journey to a never-before-seen world with vibrant, state-of-the-art lighting and sound. By utilizing pyrotechnics, video technology, laser lighting, immersive sensory effects and guest interaction, spectators will feel as if they have stepped into a multimedia universe with a spectacular finish that reaches new heights.

“Our guests have been enjoying immersive nighttime experiences for years. igNIGHT — Grand Finale is going to blow away their expectations,” said park president Hank Salemi.

igNIGHT — Grand Finale will take place in Hometown Square, which will be renovated to enhance the Guest experience and is planned to open summer 2013.

Six Flags New England: Bonzai Pipeline

Six Flags New England and Hurricane Harbor today announced plans to add Bonzai Pipelines, a 65-foot tall waterslide complex featuring six drop hatch slides. Bonzai Pipelines joins New England’s largest water park’s existing line-up of 27 slides, pools and attractions. Six Flags New England is home to the top ranked steel coaster on the planet, Bizarro and boasts more coasters than any other theme park in New England combined. 

Bonzai Pipelines is the ultimate in water park thrills featuring six looping slides set atop a 65-foot tower. After reaching the top of the 6-story structure, guests will step into the state-of-the-art ‘DrenalineDrop’ launching capsule where the floor drops out beneath them, sending them free-falling down the slide, twisting and turning before landing in a refreshing splash runout. Riders will surf the 257-foot slide at up to 40 miles per hour. Bonzai Pipeline’s unique clear launching tubes allow spectators to be a part of the adrenaline-pumping action. Three-Two-One DROP!

Six Flags Over Georgia: Sky Screamer
Six Flags Atlanta Properties today announced two ground-breaking thrill rides will debut at Six Flags Over Georgia and Six Flags White Water in 2013.

SkyScreamer, an extreme swing ride, will spin guests in a 98-foot circle at speeds of 40 miles per hour atop a 24-story tower. Thirty-two guests board the ride and sit two across in open-air swings as they climb to the top of the tower while spinning round and round, high above the ground below. SkyScreamer will be the tallest attraction in the park’s 45-year history, 4-stories taller than the park’s mega coaster, Goliath.


Six Flags Over Georgia - White Water: Typhoon Twister

At Six Flags White Water, Typhoon Twister will make landfall next summer as it sends riders barreling down an enclosed five-story drop before shooting out into a 67-foot bowl. Riders in four-passenger tubes will experience several revolutions against the wall of the bowl, spin down into the corkscrew drop chute and splash into the pool below. Typhoon Twister will be the first of its kind in the state.

Six Flags Over Texas: Texas Sky Screamer

Six Flags Over Texas, The Thrill Capital of Texas, today unveiled plans that will solidify its reputation as the state’s premier location for thrilling, record-breaking family fun. The Texas SkyScreamer will make its debut in 2013 and make history as the world’s tallest swing ride.

The Texas SkyScreamer will tower an amazing 400 feet above the ground and take its place as the park’s newest icon. Twenty-four guests will board the ride and sit two across in open-air swings as they climb to the top of the tower while spinning round and round. At full swing, guests will soar in a 124-foot circle at speeds of 35 mph with the rest of earth below. By day, riders will enjoy a breathtaking bird’s eye view that will span across North Texas. By night, the Texas SkyScreamer’s bright lights will beckon guests from near and far.

“We take great pride in offering the best, the biggest and the most innovative attractions for our guests,” said Steve Martindale, Six Flags Over Texas and Hurricane Harbor park president. “This ride experience will be unlike any other tower swing ride ever built. If you want to Go Big, then ride the Texas

SkyScreamer next spring".


Six Flags Over Texas - Hurricane Harbor: Black Hole of Doom 4D
Six Flags Hurricane Harbor is celebrating its 30th Anniversary in 2013 season by unveiling technology that will create an entirely new experience for one of the park’s most popular rides. The Black Hole water slide will be transformed into a
4-D full sensory thrill ride featuring holographic projections and sound effects. The Black Hole of Doom 4-D will delight guests with virtual imagery as they twist and turn through one of two 500-foot tentacle tubes.

“The Black Hole has been a long time favorite at Hurricane Harbor and no doubt the new enhancements will maintain that status for many years to come,” said Martindale. “Black Hole of Doom 4-D will be a great addition to the already diverse and exciting ride line up at the water park.”

Six Flags St. Louis: Boomerang

Six Flags St. Louis today announced plans to add a new steel coaster, Boomerang, to the park’s already extensive line-up of thrills. In 2013, Boomerang will become the park’s ninth coaster, bringing a new experience to guests with its unique combination of thrill elements. Six Flags St. Louis is currently home to more roller coasters than any other theme park in Missouri.     
Boomerang combines a mix of twists, turns and loops unlike any other coaster experience at the park. The 28-passenger trains are pulled up 125 feet backward to the top of the first lift hill and then released to shoot out through the 1,650 feet of track at up to 50 mph. Guests will sail through a half loop, then into a right half cork screw, a left half cork screw and finally another half loop. And just when guests think they are done, the trains fly through a full loop before climbing a second lift hill. Staying true to its name, Boomerang takes guests full circle to where they began sweeping through the spirals, loops, twists and turns again.   

Boomerang puts a new twist, literally, on the coaster thrills at Six Flags St. Louis,” said Dave Roemer, Six Flags St. Louis park president. “We already offer more rollers coasters than any other theme park in Missouri, now we are adding new elements like the cobra roll and half loops to bring our guests new thrills!”        

 is scheduled to open spring 2013 and it will be located in the Illinois section of the park.

Great Escape: Screamin Eagles
Six Flags Great Escape announced today a dynamic new addition for the 2013 season. The theme park will add Screamin’ Eagles high flying family ride promising thrills for guests of all ages.

Set to debut in Spring 2013, Screamin’ Eagles is an interactive flying ride allowing guests to pilot their own flight, with no two trips the same. Open-air vehicles and high-speed rotations allow guests to control their own experience as they soar to new heights with this re-introduction of a classic.

Guests will board the flying vehicles adorned with eagles and wild flames and the ride will begin to rotate, fanning out over a large area. Each vehicle has a stationary rear wing and a moveable front wing which allow guests to dip, dive and plunge at speeds of up to 40 mph. Screamin’ Eagles will be located in the Fest Area by Alice in Wonderland, giving riders a bird’s eye view of the historic River D.   “Staying true to our promise to deliver something new every year—we will keep our loyal families and thrill seekers excited about coming back for another Great Escape season,” said Don McCoy, park president Six Flags Great Escape. “Screamin’ Eagles will add a new element to the region’s best theme park.”

Screamin’ Eagles is the first of many upcoming changes for the 2013 season. 

Also in 2013, the Six Flags Great Escape Lodge and Indoor Water Park will introduce an exciting new addition that is sure to take kids on a trip they will never forget. Stay tuned for more information coming this fall.
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