Superman Ultimate Flight Construction Update - Six Flags Discovery Kingdom April 3, 2012

Hello and Welcome to! Today I have an Update along with some footage from Six Flags Discovery Kingdom regarding the new Superman Ultimate Flight coaster! Here's the new footage!

This is a photo from the park's Facebook page showing more angles!

If you can tell, they have put the steel base of the ride up, just like they did for the ride Pandemonium that once stood in this place. Here's the older footage that was shot March 17, 2012!

The main difference between the two updates is in the newer one they have added the steel base and removed the final Pandemonium coaster carts. That's all the footage I have for today! ALSO, while I was in the park over at the other coaster Medusa, the Travel Channel was shooting footage for a show called "Extreme Roller Coasters". I was interviewed about Medusa while I was there! So be sure to watch the Travel Channel in July of this year to see it! Special thanks to Indigo Films and Nancy Chan for the opportunity! I'll have more info about it in a later update. Scroll to the bottom of the page and enter your email to be notified of blog updates! My Name's Nicholous, and thanks for reading!
P.S. The T-Shirts they are selling at the park say "Superman Ultimate Flight", but they have incorrect facts about the ride. They are from the other flying coasters located within the Six Flags Chain with the same Superman name. Just a heads up :)