Welcome to! Today I have some of the first construction photos coming in from Golfland SunSplash in Roseville, CA regarding their new Water Slide for 2012! 

In early January, SunSplash announced the addition of their new water slide for 2012. It would be the "SuperLoop" concept designed by ProSlide INC. where riders will be dropped from a fully enclosed capsule and be shot into a loop (Yes, a LOOP) before arriving just seconds later 5 stories down at the bottom of the slide. This will be the second instillation of this model in the world, the first in the US! A completely new structure is being built just for this ride, and I can officially confirm their will be 2 separate slide,s that will most likely intertwine with each other! You can read more about the "Skyloop" concept from the ProSlide website by Clicking Here.

 Here are some early construction shots taken just today of the construction progress!

I'll have more photos from the park as construction continues! To be notified of updates from this park, and a lot of other parks, scroll to the bottom of the page and enter your E-Mail! I'm Nicholous, and thanks for visiting!