Hello and welcome to Theme Park Overload! Today's news is a little different today, exciting news for you old-school Six Flags Magic Mountain fans! As you may of heard, one of the best log flume rides in the world was Log Jammer located at Six Flags Magic Mountain. In October of 2011, it was announced that the historic ride would be removed to make room for a 2013 coaster. (I acturally spoke with SFMM's PR Sue Carpenter about the new coaster in a past post you can read here) Well, just hours ago a posting was put up to buy a part of the Log Jammer! Ebay user DZJSTERN has listed a 2 by 3.5 inch tile from the Log Jammer ride! here are some photos from the listing!

The downfall, the bidding starts at $50, and if you want to skip the bidding and "Buy it now" you'll have a $150 hole in your pocketbook. And technically speaking, they have no certificate of authenticy proving this truely is from Log Jammer. You can read the full Ebay listing here. Well that's all for today! My name's Nicholous, and thanks for reading!