Dollywood, Hoppi Hari, and Drop Tower Safety Guide

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Anticipation to ride the new "Wild Eagle" Wing Coaster seem to be high, as Dollywood has made a BOATLOAD of money auctioning the first ride on it! (If you are unaware of "Wild Eagle" click to read a past posting below) Dollywood made $37,000 selling seats on the new ride, along with a meet and greet with Dolly Parton herself. The good news of this is all of the money was donated to the eagle sanctuary at the park, so all the money went to good use. Below is an animated video showing the ride.

SCARY news from a Brazilian park today, as somebody has FALLEN OUT and DIED from the park's drop tower. The reason it is such a big deal is, unlike the majority of the time, it was a MECHANICAL FAILURE and not the rider messing around. The rider was hoisted to the top, but as the ride "dropped" the ride's restraints shot right open and flung the innocent rider to her death. It's very sad for somebody to die anywhere, especially at a place made for "fun". This is very scary to most riders, as more and more drop towers are being installed all around the world, including the new "Lex Luthor Drop of Doom" going in at Magic Mountain this year, and also the fact that it will be the tallest in the world, at 410 feet. Here is a news report video from Brazil talking about it. You probably can't understand what they are saying, but they show the video of the restraint flying up. Click this link

 Their is about a 1 in 900,000,000 chance of dying of a ride's mechanical failure, but here are some trips to reassure you.

1. As fun as it may be, always lock your restraints as tight as they can lock. Some people are afraid it will be uncomfortable, but in the long run it's better then dying

2. Always make sure the "Crotch Strap" is connected properly, and give it a tug to make sure. If the rider had of been wearing one, it could of potentially saved their life.

3. Always check restraints yourself. You will always know about how much the restraints are actually locked into you, so who else do you trust the most? YOURSELF!

4. Feel free to ask the ride operator for help buckling the restraints. That's the reason the operators are there, and they don't want you to get injured and potentially sue the park anymore then you do, so use it to your advantage! YOUR LIFE WILL THANK YOU!

5. If a ride looks worn and out of shape, use good judgement. It's not worth getting stuck on a ride or even a fatality if a ride looks unsafe.

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