Six Flags Discovery Kingdom's Kong, Six Flags Fiesta Texas's New SkyScreamer, and ANGRY BIRDS LAND???

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PAIN RELIEVING news from Six Flags Discovery Kingdom today! The Park has a Vekoma SLC Coaster called "Kong". To break down what I just said, Vekoma is a ride manufacturer, and SLC is a type of coaster known to be rougher where you are "Suspended" or hung from above the track. I have ridden Kong personally and it is a very, lets say, PAINFUL experience. The park released a while ago that they were trying to get entirely new trains for this ride and another coaster in the park called "V2". Well, apparently they were low on funding from all that money they spent on their new coaster this year (It's only a little over 800 feet of track, are your sales THAT low?). But anyway, they just replaced the wheels and whatever. Below is the picture and quote they recently posted on their Facebook Page. 

"Riders test Kong after its recent rehab and train refurbishment. This was a six week process where the trains were stripped down, new wheels installed and then repainted. The test dummies were then filled with water, belted in and off they went!"

 Personally, I'm not convinced that it will be THAT much smoother, but I'll be Riding it when it reopens and give you a report. Below I put a POV of Kong.

The new rides for 2012 seem to be going up fast, as Six Flags Fiesta Texas's new "Sky Screamer" is going up. Now honestly, I'm not really into the Sky Screamers (Or as the manufacturer Funtime refers to them, "Star Flyer"). I rode the one at my local park of Six Flags Discovery Kingdom when it went in last year and I wasn't very impressed. We were all up in the "Sky" but nobody was, say, "Screaming"! This will be the fifth one to be put on a Six Flags property, and Six Flags is clearly a fan of them. Thing about it, their cheap, take up little room on the ground, and are "tall" for all the "thrill seekers" out there. But really, do you prefer flipping upside down at high speeds or spinning on an over sized swing set, just saying! I would be open to a park not putting in a new ride for 2 or 3 years and then just killing it with something awesome like a S&S Arrow 4D Coaster (It's a type of coaster where you hang beside the track and separately spin while you're on the ride). A picture of the progress from the park's Facebook page is below.

Now to a smaller park you probably haven't heard of, Särkänniemi Adventure Park located in Finland. They're are making headlines today, as they've announced they will be opening an Angry Birds themed land. You heard me right, an ANGRY BIRDS THEME PARK! It honestly reminds me of those stories where a person traded with people starting with a paperclip all the way to a car or something, as this 99 CENT iPHONE APP is becoming a THEME PARK! Their hasn't been anymore information released yet, except as the park noted their will be the usual amusement park rides followed by an interactive area that will blend real life with the game. I assume by "Usual" rides, they mean all the boring flat rides renamed to something related to Angry Birds. No, it's not a carousel, it's the "Bird Spinny-Go-Round"! All I can say is way to go Angry Birds! You took a little iPhone game and turned it into clothes, speakers, playgrounds, toys, chairs, posters, and whatever else. Even though you're major sell-outs, it's kinda cool. Can't wait to see some pictures! For now, look at a picture of the new Angry Birds "Playground". (This is Seriously Real)

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