Wild Eagle, Lex Luthor's Drop of Doom, and Superman's Ultimate Flight (SFDK) Updates!


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In an exciting bit of news, Dollywood has begun testing on their new B&M Wing Coaster Wild Eagle! If you don't know about it, it's the new roller coaster going into Dollywood set to open this March. It is the manufacturing company B&M's new design of their Wing Coaster concept, where riders are suspended to the right and left of the track with nothing above or below them (Well, Besides Track)! I am actually very excited about this ride. First, it has a great theme and fit's into Dollywood's Animal environment nicely. Second, it looks a lot more exciting that it's competitors. X Flight at Six Flags Great America, also a New Wing Coaster going in this year, isn't bad but just doesn't look as long or exciting as it's competitor. But who knows, I could be wrong. Testing video below.

Things seem to be going pretty well for Six Flags Magic Mountain. Last week, they closed down Superman Escape from Krypton to start building the new Lex Luthor Drop of Doom ride. This is the new Intamin vertical drop tower being installed. Riders will be lifted up both sides of the Superman tower up 400 feet and then drop at 85 MPH with 5 seconds of weightlessness. This seems like a win win, for the park and riders. Due to the original Superman Escape from Krypton design, when riders are shot backwards they only drop 328 feet, besides the fact that the tower itself is over 400 feet. This new ride will use the existing structure's full potential and provide a truly fearful experience to all riders. The Promo Video is Below.

And finally my local park, Six Flags Discovery Kingdom. Their new ride for this year is a Premier Rides Skyloop concept ride called "Superman's Ultimate Flight"! It is a relatively small ride, space wise, but seems like it will be pretty exciting! It will launch riders 150 feet (shorter than other rides because of the City of Vallejo's Height Limit) and invert them completely upside down in an 150 foot heartline roll. Then following an non inverting loop (Which I actually found surprising, because you already have riders locked in with over the shoulder restraints, so why wouldn't you just go for it!). They recently cleared the lot it will occupy (Which used to be the Gerstlauer Spinning Pandamonium Ride, which I actually found quite painful). I drove by the park about a week ago and couldn't seen the track yet, but they seem to be getting ready to assemble it if they haven't already. The Promo Video is Below.

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