New Rides in 2019

Six Flags Magic Mountain 
Summer 2019

Six Flags Magic Mountain will introduce the world's first racing launch coaster to their diverse ride lineup for 2019. With four separate magnetic launches, four inversions, and a 55 mph top speed, this new creation from Premier Rides will be both unique and thrilling. The famous LA car design shop West Coast Customs will also collaborate with the park to design ride vehicles and a "pit stop" theming element halfway through the ride.

Maxx Force

Six Flags Great America
Summer 2019

Six Flags Great America will debut a triple record breaking S&S air launched coaster for the 2019 season. Maxx Force will feature North America's fastest coaster acceleration (0-78 in under 2 seconds), the world's highest double inversion at 175 feet, and the world's fastest coaster inversion with a 60 mph Zero-G roll. This high speed coaster's trains will be modeled after Formula One race cars.

Copperhead Strike

Summer 2019

Carrowinds will welcome Copperhead Strike to its coaster collection in 2019. This dual launch coaster from Mack Rides will feature 5 inversions, a 50 mph top speed, and 3,255 feet of twisted steel track. This coaster will be the centerpiece of a new 7 acre themed area called Blue Ridge Junction, and will complement the new Blue Ridge Country Kitchen restaurant.