Roller Coaster "Lingo"

What's A Dive Roll? What's the difference between a Stand Up and Floorless Coaster? When reading traditional Theme Park Websites, the writer will sometimes use different words and terms that you may be unfamiliar with. Below, in plain English, are the definition to those confusing terms!

Anytime a rider goes upside down

The different "Inversions" that make up Roller Coasters

A type of ride where coaster cars are suspended below the track

Sit-Down Coaster
The "classic" coaster where riders sit down in coaster car

Floorless Coaster
A type of coaster where riders are seated with their legs dangling above the track

Flying Coaster
A type of coaster where riders are seated like a regular inverted coaster, and then hoisted to a 90 degree angle and hung below the track facing down in a "flying" position.

Spinning Coaster
A type of coaster where the rider's cars spin 360 degrees

Vertical Loop
The modern element where riders go upside down in a loop

Dive Roll
An element where riders go into what looks like a vertical loop, until the track spins upside down in"Diving" position

Zero G Roll
An element where the track flips riders 360 degrees with "Zero G's"

Cobra Roll
A double-inversion element where riders turn upside down and them again. The element forms a "Cobra Head" and is found mostly on Vekoma's Boomerang Model Coaster.

An element, also known as a "flat spin", where riders go upside down. Think of it as a regular vertical loop with the beginning and ending points spread out vertically.

Non-Inverting Loop
An element that appears as a traditional vertical loop, but twists 90 degrees upright so you never are fully upside-down.

Wing-Over Drop
Found on Wing Coasters, riders are turned 180 degrees to fully inverted, and are upside-down as the coaster makes a "C" shaped drop down the first drop.
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