About Us

Hi, I'm Nicholous. I've worked with people like Smosh, CW, CBS, NBC, and the Travel Channel. A little known fact about me is my passion for Roller Coasters and the Amusement Park Industry as a whole. When I first started reading Amusement Park News Websites, all the terms and subjects they were talking about confused me, and clearly weren't mainstream enough for the average internet reader to enjoy. 

I wanted to have a site I could regularly keep up on to get all of the Breaking News and Rumors, where anybody could read and enjoy the content.  And sometimes in life, if you want things done right, you have to do them yourself. So in February of 2012 I, along with the help of our Theme Park Overload Correspondents network, developed an easy-to-understand Theme Park News Website written in plain English. And to present day, we continue to bring fresh and innovative ways to deliver the latest news straight to you! Thanks for visiting www.ThemeParkOverload.net!
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