Sunday, June 3, 2012

Superman Ultimate Flight Opens June 22, 2012 at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom?

   Welcome to! In a quick slip by Six Flags Discovery Kingdom, I can now semi-confirm the opening date of Superman Ultimate Flight! Just hours ago on the official Park website, a tab was put on their main page that read "Season Pass Preview". When I clicked on it, I was taken to a page that talked about a Season Pass Holder Preview event, that stated the event would take place on June 21, 2012. But if you looked at the bottom, it read "Superman: Ultimate Flight will open to the public on June 22, 2012".
    Now the bad part about this news is that the park has since taken the page down. This could mean two things: One, that the page was not suppose to be released OR Two, that the park changed the opening date and decided to take the page down. But I have to say, from these new construction photos it looks like it could be open by June 21, 2012. Here are the best shots I've found from all over the internet.

Work on the Non-Inverting loop is coming along nicely

As I predicted, they will be integrating the old Pandemonium station into the new ride. You use to enter on the black stairs farthest to the left of the photo, zig-zag inside the station, and exit to the loading platform from the brown stairs perpendicular to the black stairs.

The new (And only) train is on the track! It looks like they still have to install the head of the train along with the Superman logo. Keep in mind, you'll be going upside-down in the 3rd tallest inversion in the world (150 ft tall) with just those lap bars. If you are wondering why the ride can only have one train at a time, it is because the train in action will be rocking back and forth through the launch area. The launch area is also where you get onto the train. If another train was loading while the other train was on the track, they would crash (Just Stating the Obvious!)

Note the white "Fins" on the track. They are called LIM's, and they are basically the "Power" to the train. Electricity is sent through them, and they send the energy through the train as it rolls over them. This is what propels the train up 150 ft. And because of the launch area being so small, it can't propel SUPER heavy trains, and that's why the trains only hold 12 people. 

Well that's all from for now! My name's Nicholous, and Thanks for Reading!

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